Eurobike 2023: A Recap of ORA Engineering's Participation

Eurobike 2023: A Recap of ORA Engineering's Participation

Greetings to our supporters and cycling enthusiasts. As an experienced Eurobike exhibitor and bike manufacturer, we’d like to do a recap to bring you our experiences at Eurobike 2023. Held in Frankfurt, this year's event was a spectacular blend of innovation, creativity, and a glimpse into the future of cycling. With brands from all corners of the world presenting their newest products, let’s dive into ORA’s point of view of Eurobike 2023.


ORA's Show-Stopping Participation

This year, we proudly showcased our sophisticated techniques, with the highlight of our new E-bike frame, co-developed with Hyena Inc, a rising star in drive system innovation based in Taiwan. Made from 3Al-2.5V Titanium, the bike's internal cable stem and frame-integrated battery are a testament to ORA's expertise in creating seamless designs. These features lead to a sleek, frame-integrated masterpiece, setting a new benchmark for lightweight e-bikes.

ORA Engineering 鈦郁工業 Eurobike 2023 Cycling Tradeshow

ORA's Take on the Top 5 Key Trends from Eurobike 2023

Eurobike 2023 was not just about individual products but also about the broader trends shaping the cycling world. Some of the key trends observed included:

  • Sustainability Takes the Lead: The cycling world is echoing the global call for sustainability. Schwalbe's Green Marathon tire, primarily crafted from recycled tires, stands as a testament. Championing 70% recycled and renewable resources and 100% ethically traded natural rubber, it's a stride towards a greener future in cycling. At ORA, we're committed to sustainable practices, ensuring our manufacturing processes align with environmental goals.
  • The E-bike Revolution Continues: E-bikes are undergoing a transformation with the integration of 3D printing technology, leading to innovative lightweight designs. Brands are pushing the envelope in advanced propulsion systems and tech integrations. Thok's Project 4, leveraging 3D printing for lightweight frames and integrating the Bosch Performance Line SX, exemplifies this era's excitement. The buzz around lightweight E-bike designs was palpable at Eurobike 2023, with numberous inquires about our internal cable STEM design showcased at the show. source
  • Bikepacking, Cargobikes & The Rise of Versatility: The cycling community's passion for adventure is evident in the booming bikepacking trend. Brands like Camelbak are offering dedicated bikepacking gear, and the multifunctional capsuled bike bag incorporates the industry's shift towards versatile solutions. ORA's booth witnessed this trend firsthand, with numerous inquiries about our cargo bike design, customized racks, and our stainless steel product line.
  • Tech-Driven Cycling Experience:The fusion of technology and cycling is creating groundbreaking innovations. Pinion's unveiling of their combined gearbox and motor unit and Shimano's Q Auto concept, a wireless shifting system, showcase the limitless potential of tech integration in bikes. ORA is keenly embracing these technological advancements and providing the most adaptive frame design to meet the demands.
  • Market Strategy & Inventory Management: While there was evident enthusiasm for designing new products, brands appeared cautious about their go-to-market strategies. This caution, possibly stemming from existing stock challenges, underscores the dynamic nature of the cycling industry and the need for agile strategies. At ORA, we actively adapt and are ready to help brands navigate these market nuances.


Customer Connections

Our booth at Eurobike 2023 was a hive of activity, with both familiar faces and new connections stopping by to engage with us.
One of the highlights was our annual catch-up with our long-time friends and partners from Starling Cycles, a renowned bike brand from the UK. Every year, our meeting with Starling is an opportunity to update each other on our respective processes and innovations. For those unfamiliar with Starling Cycles, they are a passionate team dedicated to creating hand-built steel full suspension mountain bikes that offer a unique riding experience. Their commitment to quality and performance aligns perfectly with ORA's values, making our partnership even more special.

ORA Engineering 鈦郁工業 Eurobike 2023 Cycling Tradeshow with Starling Cycles from United Kingdom

Additionally, we had an encouraging chat with Sovelo, a dynamic bike brand from Germany. As a newly engaged customer, Sovelo expressed immense satisfaction with our first batch of customized flat mounts. The positive feedback and the quality of our products have paved the way for further discussions on collaborating for customized bike frames. Sovelo's enthusiasm and our shared vision for innovation in the cycling industry make us optimistic about the potential of this budding partnership.

ORA Engineering 鈦郁工業 Eurobike 2023 Cycling Tradeshow with Sovelo bike brand from Germany

Looking Ahead to Eurobike 2024 and Beyond

Reflecting on Eurobike 2023, we're inspired by the connections made and the innovations shared. Integrating 3D printing technology into our customization process has allowed us to enhance our capabilities, ensuring that every design is as unique as the person who rides it. Looking forward, we're excited to participate in Eurobike 2024, happening from July 3rd to 7th in Frankfurt. We hope to see you there again.

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