Founded: 1996

Back in 1989, we were crafting Cr-Mo BMX bike frames. Fast forward to 1996, and we dove into the world of titanium bike frames. It's been a thrilling ride ever since!

Female CEO: Agnes Hsu

Meet Agnes, our powerhouse CEO. With a background in finance, she joined the ORA team in 2007. Not only did she set up our entire ERP system, but she also took the reins and has been leading us to new heights.

Location: Taiwan Taichung

Our journey began in Longjing District (龍井區) back in 1996. We then moved from Dadu District to Qingshui District (大肚區和清水區), and in 2014, we settled into our current home in Houli District (后里區). It's been quite the adventure, and we're proud of our roots in Taichung.

Total custom mold made: 7000+

Imagine a mold that's about 1 meter long. Now, with over 7000 of these, we could line them up and cover the Tour de France route twice! That's a lot of molds.

Total tubing molds made: 800+

With our tubing molds combined with custom parts molds, we can create over 2000 variants. This gives bike designers a world of flexible customization options. Dream it, and we can probably make it!

Custom projects developed: 1200+

Trust is a big deal for us. In fact, 90% of our customers trust our quality so much that they don't even need to run quality control before we ship out the product. We're honored to have earned that level of confidence.

Titanium bike frame shipped: 330k+

From Taiwan to the world! Cyclists in over 30 countries are cruising on quality bike frames made by ORA. Wherever you are, you're in good company.

95% of the developed projects were made to reality

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