ORA Engineering at Taipei Cycle Show 2024: A Firsthand Recap

ORA Engineering at Taipei Cycle Show 2024: A Firsthand Recap

The Taipei Cycle Show 2024, held at the Nangang Exhibition Center, was buzzing with over 950 exhibitors and more than 3,500 booths, showcasing everything from the latest bike models to cutting-edge cycling technology​[ref]. This year, sustainability was the theme of the show, with everyone buzzing about going green and shifting towards more eco-friendly practices and products​​. It was awesome catching up with both new and long-time friend. Now, let's jump into what we saw and learned at the show, sharing all the cool stuff with you.

Spotlight on Innovation: Introducing the 64Ti-25-RA-601

At ORA Engineering, our R&D team's primary objective was to unveil our newest innovation to the cycling community: the 64Ti-25-RA-601 frame. This new model is made from the highest grade 6Al-4V titanium alloy. This material, known for its exceptional strength and stiffness, challenges traditional manufacturing techniques. Through our newly developed approach, we achieved a multi-angle formed tube design that not only adds a unique aesthetic but significantly enhances the frame's strength and shock absorption, compared to our previous version using the round tube design. The top tube thicknes of this new model is thinner, with an outer diameter of 31.8mm, reduced from 34.9mm, making the frame lighter without sacrificing durability. Furthermore, we've integrated lightweight flat mounts and UDH dropouts, all precisely engineered through CNC machining. These enhancements distinctively position this frame as a standout in both performance and design.
To complement this frame, we introduced the 3/25Ti Flat Mount Fork, revolutionizing traditional fork design with a polygonal shape for added edge and style, adding an element of edginess and sophistication. The updated crown design also contributes to a stronger, lighter front fork, bringing the entire frame set to an impressive weight of only 1.36kg. Lastly, the 64Ti-25-RA-601 is adorned with a striking anodized finish, available in various colors, adding a final touch of elegance and visual appeal that elevates it beyond mere performance to a work of art that captures the essence of both innovation and style.

Media Spotlight

At ORA, our presence at Taipei Cycle Show 2024 garnered significant attention from the cycling media. Media outlets like Pinkbike, Cycling Weekly, BikeRadar, and Velo Outside Online highlighted us in titanium technology and 3D printing, acknowledging our expertise and commitment to quality and innovation. We're thrilled to share some from those publications:

  • Pinkbike celebrated our titanium handlebar for its exceptional material quality and design.
  • Cycling Weekly dived into our pioneering work with 3D printing and the creative application of 6/4 Titanium.
  • BikeRadar spotlighted the 25-RA-601, an example of our expertise in 6A1 4V titanium craftsmanship.
  • Velo Outside Online showcased our diverse range of ORA-branded components and a standout complete bike crafted from 6-4v titanium.

For those unable to experience our exhibit firsthand and see the new 64Ti-25-RA-601 in person, David Arthur gave a closer look at what makes our work at ORA so special.

Insights from the Event

The Taipei Cycle Show 2024 was a dynamic event, offering deep insights into the evolving trends and future directions within the cycling industry. Here are some observations we’d like to share after attending the show this year: 

  • Cycle Industry Trend: The industry is moving towards a "green revolution," with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly innovations[ref ]​. The Taipei Cycle Show 2024 shines a spotlight on this shift, organizing the event around four sustainability themes: Micromobility, Green Action, Start-up Innovation, and the Cycling Culture and Lifestyle. Cool innovative products we’ve noticed are reTyre's recyclable tires, crafted from thermoplastic polyurethane instead of traditional rubber, and Vittoria’s innovative Terreno Pro T60 Mixed gravel tire. This tire is a marvel of sustainability, integrating natural rubber, rice husk silica, soybean oil, recycled nylon, and organic cotton, which constitute 92% of its makeup. Another noteworthy mention is XPEDO, Wellgo's aftermarket brand, which introduced the Felix composite flat pedal - using tea leaves as a natural dye.
  • 3D Printing Technology: At ORA, we're at the forefront of integrating 3D Printing Technology into our processes, having embarked on this journey two years ago. While 3D printing stands out for its precision in prototyping and validating concepts, it does present certain limitations and costs. However, this year, we've seen a surge in interest for using 3D printing to create highly customized bicycle components. Enhancing this direction, we're also exploring a collaboration with another titanium-focused OEM manufacturer, to leverage 3D printing techniques further and make it feasible for mass production. Stay tuned for our updates on this project!
  • Market Dynamics in the Bike World: The cycling market's dynamics are influenced by regional economic conditions. We observed that North America showed signs of recovery, contrasting with a slower pace in Europe and other markets. In response, ORA has adapted by offering smaller minimum order quantities (MOQs), a strategy that has opened the door to 20% more collaborations with artisan bike manufacturers and designer brands than the previous year. This flexibility not only caters to the evolving needs of the market but also reinforces our commitment to supporting the creative and innovative spirit of the cycling industry. 


Forward Together

Looking back at Taipei Cycle Show 2024, it was not just about work; we had loads of fun meeting partners, journalists, and even doing a live streaming on Youtube. It was a blast sharing our new 64Ti-25-RA-601 frame with everyone.

Now, we're eager to hear from you. What do you think about our latest innovation? Got questions or something more you're curious about? Please feel free to reach out via email with your impressions or inquiries. Let's keep the conversation lively and fun as we pedal forward into the next meetup. 

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